Citizens Memorial Hospital | Vitality | Summer 2020

COMMUNITY TAGLINE HERE HEART HEALTH Janet Stout thrives on new adventures and challenges. “I never let the grass grow under my feet,” she says. After raising her family, Janet decided to go to college and complete a degree in business administration at age 49. She once shaved her head because it was on her bucket list. And she recently went on a fall foliage bus tour of New England, traveling through 18 states. A BIG MOVE When she and her husband, Leroy, were ready to retire and possibly move away from their long-time home in Wyoming, Janet found the Bolivar area. “We were traveling to Arkansas in 2006,” she says. “I looked at a map, saw Bolivar and searched for some houses online. We ended up buying a house in Flemington on that trip. We had never even heard of Bolivar. We just liked the area and the house because it had trees and it was a mile from the lake and fishing.” High school sweethearts, Leroy and Janet were married for more than 53 years and enjoyed lake life here before Leroy had to be put on CMH Hospice. He passed away in December 2018. “CMH saved Leroy’s life in 2014 and a few more times after that,” Janet remembers. “Leroy had a heart attack. CMH ambulance arrived on the scene, clear up at the lake, and brought him to CMH, where the heart team performed emergency care.” HEALTHY CHANGES Both Leroy and Janet had COPD and had smoked for 50 years. After Leroy’s procedure, they were able to stop smoking and started going to CMH cardiopulmonary rehabilitation together. “We really enjoyed the girls in cardiac rehab and were up for the new adventure,” Janet says. “It’s so important to have that support and be medically monitored while you’re Janet Stout lost 60 pounds and lowered her cholesterol and blood pressure. Janet Stout smoked for 50 years before quitting, and then she began going to CMH Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation with her husband, Leroy. doing it. It was also nice that I could attend with Leroy and we could work on getting healthier together.” After Leroy’s death, Janet decided to set some aggressive new health goals for herself. “Not everyone’s going to like you,” Janet says, “but you’ve got to like you. And that’s really important.” AMAZING ACCOMPLISHMENTS At age 72, Janet continues her commitment to cardiopulmonary rehabilitation. She attends class three days a week, has reduced her oxygen use and has lost 60 pounds through exercise and mindful eating. Last year, Janet was named the 2019 Pulmonary Princess by the cardiac rehab staff. “I’m down three sizes, have lowered my cholesterol and blood pressure and am taking only one medication,” Janet says. “If there’s something happening at CMH that I can learn from, I’m usually there.” Janet is a regular attendee at the monthly Cooking Class, Lunch and Learns, and hospital events, and she often shares her journey with those attending CMH smoking cessation classes. Her new goal is to lose another 30 pounds, keep active and keep making time for herself and her health. Janet’s enthusiasm and outlook on life is contagious. “Be joyful in all things,” she says. “That’s what I believe in. Every morning you have a choice as to how you feel about your day and your life. Find joy in it!” Janet Stout was named the 2019 Pulmonary Princess by the CMH cardiac rehab staff. A newadventure for Janet 15