Citizens Memorial Hospital | Vitality | Winter 2022 15 Walk-in clinic or emergency room? When you need immediate medical care, it can be difficult sometimes to determine whether you should go to a walk-in clinic or the emergency room. Keep this guide for a handy reference the next time you have an urgent health care need. Walk-in clinic » Allergies. » Colds, flu, fever. » Dental pain. » Ear pain, infection. » Insect bites. » Minor asthma. » Minor cuts, burns. » Rashes. » Sprains, strains, simple fractures. » Sore throat, cough. » Urinary tract infections. Some CMH walk-in clinics are open seven days a week and offer evening hours. Many also provide X-ray and laboratory services. Emergency department » Broken tooth. » Chest pain, discomfort. » Head trauma, severe headache. » Poisoning. » Seizures. » Shock. » Severe burns, cuts. » Severe trauma, injuries. » Shortness of breath, difficulty breathing. » Sudden paralysis, slurred speech. » Unconsciousness. » Uncontrollable bleeding. » Visible fractures. coming to CMH component benefits patients who do not qualify for home health care. “We look forward to spending time with patients to educate them and put them in control of their health care,” Weaver says. “We are helping people be able to take care of themselves.” With two CMH personnel already taking community paramedic classes, Weaver says CMH’s first community paramedics should be in the field within a year. For more information about the Mobile Integrated Healthcare program, go to 3S3ZdwV. For more information about Emergency Medical Services at CMH, call 417-326-6000. Clip and save Call 911 if you think you’re dealing with a medical emergency.