Citizens Memorial Hospital | Vitality | Summer 2023

12 VITALITY Summer 2023 Which medicines are accepted for disposal at Stephens Pharmacy? The MedSafe® drug collection and disposal receptacle in the Stephens Pharmacy lobby allows for the safe and anonymous disposal of unused or expired medicines and controlled substances. Medications accepted in the MedSafe are: » Prescription controlled medications. » Prescription noncontrolled medications. » Over-the-counter medications. » Liquid medication bottles less than 4 ounces in a resealable bag. Medications that are not accepted are illegal drugs, needles/ syringes or sharps containers, medical devices or batteries, aerosol cans, inhalers, chemicals, mercury-containing devices, radiopharmaceuticals, and liquid antineoplastic agents such as chemotherapy drugs and cytotoxic drugs. Sharps containers are available at Stephens Pharmacy for a small fee. MEDICATIONS Don’t forget the medicine cabinet the next time you clean your bathroom. Unless you are conscientious about disposing of expired and unused medicines, that cabinet probably needs a look. Getting rid of them ensures that they won’t end up with people (or pets) who shouldn’t have them. Although it’s tempting to toss those old meds into the trash or flush them down the toilet, you should take a minute to dispose of them properly. Here are some safe ways to dispose of unused or expired medicines: “Take-back” program. Some pharmacies and other groups collect and dispose of unused and expired medicines. Drop off the old medication you no longer need at the take-back location. Some locations may collect year-round, while others may have specific take-back events. Stephens Pharmacy, in Bolivar, has a yearround drug collection and disposal receptacle in the lobby. See the story below for details. What to do with old