Citizens Memorial Hospital | Vitality | Winter 2022

8 VITALITY Winter 2022 Maureen Conklin, of Buffalo, Missouri, has a soft spot in her heart for rescue horses. She enjoys gardening and relaxing next to the soothing sound of her koi pond. While a hip injury kept her from enjoying her active lifestyle for a while, she returned to her hobbies after a total hip replacement surgery at Citizens Memorial Hospital. “I think that it’s amazing that you can injure a hip and be unable to really walk or do any activities because of the intense pain, but then once you had the surgery, you can resume life and be pain-free and go back to being, in some instances, better than you were before,” Conklin says. Troy Morrison, D.O., is a board certified and fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon with CMH Orthopedic & Spine Center in Bolivar and the physician who performed Conklin’s surgery. “During the whole time I went to see Dr. Morrison, it was like going to visit a friend,” Conklin says. “He sat. He listened. He had empathy for me at the time because I said I had two horses. I wanted to be able to go back to working with the horses I had.” Conklin injured her hip when pulling the pump out of her koi pond. “The pump slipped out of my hands and went back down into the pond and, unfortunately, took me with it,” HIP INJURY OVERCOMING Maureen Conklin got back to the life she loves, thanks to CMH ORTHOPEDICS