Citizens Memorial Hospital | Vitality | Winter 2022 9 Advanced hip, neck and back care close to home If you have hip, neck or back pain, just getting up out of a chair or walking can be a struggle. Don’t let pain keep you from enjoying the activities you love. Take the first step and schedule an appointment with Troy Morrison, D.O., with CMH Orthopedic & Spine Center in Bolivar. Diagnosing the problem is only a small step when treating hip, neck and back pain. You need the expert assistance of a fellowship-trained orthopedist. Dr. Morrison will work with you to develop your personalized treatment plan. Discover why patients drive to Bolivar for orthopedic and spine surgery with Dr. Morrison at Citizens Memorial Hospital. Call 417-777-2665 to schedule an appointment. GOTO or scan the QR code at right to learn more about Dr. Morrison. she says. “When I got back up out of the pond, I was aware that I had some pain in the hip and down that leg. But I thought I had just probably pulled a muscle or something in the leg.” Though she had hoped the pain would go away in a day or two, her pain continued to increase until she finally went to see Dr. Morrison six months later. “If I sat down in a chair and went to get up out of a chair, I had a terrible lot of difficulty with pain and then walking was unbearable,” she says. “If I went to try to kneel down to do anything, that was absolutely intolerable pain. But I, for a while, just thought, well, it was age-related, so I would get over the problem, until I eventually went to see Dr. Morrison and did the X-rays and the MRI. It showed that the hip needed replacing, which was a bit of a shocker.” While total recovery time was six months, Conklin was able to get back to working with her horses sooner. “It was such a relief to not have that pain anymore,” Conklin says. “I would highly recommend anybody who has pain or discomfort in their hips to go and see Dr. Morrison and to be relieved of that pain so that you can resume your normal activities and go back to your quality of life prior to injury.” EXCLUSIVEVIDEO Go to to watch the exclusive interview of Maureen Conklin talking about her total hip replacement journey and Dr. Morrison with CMH Orthopedic & Spine Center. Troy Morrison, D.O. Do you have hip pain? Hear from Dr. Morrison as he talks about the causes of hip pain and treatment options. Go to Since her hip replacement surgery, Conklin has increased her number of rescue horses from two to six by rescuing more horses from kill pens or abandonment. She wouldn’t have been able to do this without her total hip replacement. “Once I had the surgery, I was amazed at the recovery rate and the same day was able to get up out of bed and walk without any pain at all in the hip,” Conklin says. “I can’t speak highly enough of the treatment that I received from CMH and from Dr. Morrison.”